Additional house rules corona

General rules

  • Be responsible!
  • Access through online reservation only.
  • Keep 1.5 meter distance from others.
  • Stay home when feverish/ coughing/ sneezing / having a cold / experiencing loss of smell or taste or when in contact with someone showing these symptoms.
  • You are asked to do a health check when you enter our facilities. If you answer one of the questions with yes, you cannot come in.
  • As of 1 December, face masks are mandatory. When entering USC buildings you wear a face mask. You wear it in all areas of the building, with the exception of the sports areas. As soon as you enter a sports area, you can take off your face mask. This applies to everyone 13 years and older. If you refuse to wear a face mask, you may be denied access to our buildings. Did you forget to bring a face mask? Buy one at a USC front desk.
  • All catering facilities in USC buildings are completely closed for now: Eetcafé Oerknal at Universum, Amstelcampus café at Amstelcampus sport & fitness, the catering facility at ClubWest, the canteen at USC Tennis.
  • The dressing rooms and showers are closed for now.
  • The sauna will remain closed for now.
  • Wash/disinfect your hands thoroughly before and after your workout.
  • Bring a small bag for personal belongings. Take it with you into the sports area.
  • Clean/disinfect all the (fitness) equipment and material you use. Please spray on the paper, and not directly onto the equipment. This way we can use our stuff a little longer.
  • Bring your own material as much as you can. We don’t lend small (fitness) material, such as elastic bands, ankle weights or towels. You can buy some sports material as well as towels at our front desk.
  • Always follow the instructions of USC staff.
  • Leave the sports center directly after your visit.

Reservation rules

  • You need a reservation for every visit to the USC sports program (except USC competitions and courses), also when you want to work out in the gym individually.
  • You can make reservations 6 days in advance.
  • You can make a maximum of 2 reservations in the consecutive 6 days. But, as soon as your first reservation is done, you can make a new one. So you can still work out more than twice a week!
  • On the day itself, the number of reservations is unlimited.
  • Cancel your reservation until one hour before the start. Didn’t cancel? You’re risking a sanction: 2 weeks in which you can’t make any reservations, or paying a €3,- fine.
  • You can choose how to enter USC facilities: with your finger scan or with the My USC access app. Download the My USC access app: Android and iOS (search the store).
  • If you use the My USC access app, you can easily scan the QR code at the entrance.
  • You can enter our facilities 15 minutes before the start of the timeslot/class you booked, in order to change.
  • You can enter our facilities until 30 minutes after the start of the timeslot you booked. After that your reservation is canceled and you can’t get in. For group classes you can enter until 5 minutes after the start of your class.

Climbing and bouldering rules

  • Access to the climbing and boulder gym is only possible with a valid membership and after online reservation.
  • For climbing only: You can only make a reservation in pairs in the Racketsport module in My USC.
  • Please book max. 1 timeslot per day.
  • Can’t figure it out? Send an email to

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