An interview with Glen Ragasa!

Glen, who are you and what do you like to do?

Hi, I’m Glen Ragasa, 33 years old and I’m from Amsterdam (with Filipin roots). I’d describe myself as both a visionary and a hard worker. Besides my work at USC, I’m an Uber rider as well. I also love photography, editing videos, and spending times with my three godchildren and cousins 😊.

Glen Ragasa, trainer at USC

How did you end up in the fitness?

Well, then we have to go back in time a little bit… As a kid I liked to do lots of different sports, like taekwando, boxing, basketball, jeet kun do and dancing. I even had my own dance studio for two years! And in order to do all these sports, working in the fitness was essential to develop my body. Since my first experience with weights, I’ve kind of a love-hate relationship with them. Sometimes they’re my best friends, but the next moment they can be far from that.

Your sports career in highs and lows.

My highlight is boxing at a later period in my life (at age 31). I’m referring to a benefit boxing match by The Big Lab. For me, that was 12 weeks of intense training to give it my best shot during 3x 1,5 minute (a lot better than 1,5 meter😊) of boxing in the ring.

My biggest low took place during an Olympic weightlifting exercise (Clean & Jerk). There I experienced a dislocated shoulder, which is still bothering me to this day.

How did you end up at the Amstelcampus gym?

Pretty simple story actually! There was a vacancy and I responded to that. And the rest is history.

What do you do at our gym?

Helping USC customers out and providing group classes. But my main goal is messing with my colleagues😉.

What gives you satisfaction at work?

I really like my job! Every day is sort of a new adventure and I get happy when customers are on their way to accomplish their goals. It’s really cool to see people grow. An example of this is a customer that wanted to learn a muscle up. A lot of people (including me) want the quickest way to their goal – which is understandable. But this will mess up the muscle up technique a little bit. So, I decided to guide the customer by using smaller steps and as a result: the customer went flying in the air like the KLM!

How do you motivate yourself?

By setting goals for myself. In the summer of 2019 I reached my goal of a 100kg bench press. In the beginning of that year, bench pressing was my weakest of all the powerlifting exercises. And by developing a well-structured training schedule, I did it!

What is your biggest strength? And what is your weak spot…😉

My biggest strength is my positive mindset. My weak spot? My calves. Is there somebody out there with a bunch of tips for bigger calves?

Do you have a message to all people that work out at USC?

Nothing is impossible, as long as your mindset is the right place.