USC Fysiotherapie is an allround practice located in sportcentrum Universum, with another facility in the AMC Sport Centrum (ASC) in Amsterdam Z-O and in Amstelcampus sport & fitness at the Wibautstraat. In ClubWest you find physiotherapy practice Manual Fysion.

How do we distinguish ourselves?

  • Active approach and treatment methods
  • Pre and postoperative guidance
  • Specific expertise in the areas of knee, shoulder and back and more!

Furthermore, we guide and counsel students and employees of the AMC, UvA and HvA with work-related injuries such as a tennis elbow or RSI-complaints.


In all three locations we have the unique opportunity to use the equipment and various training rooms for your rehabilition and training. We stimulate exercise and an active approach for your recovery, and use various methods of treatment, such as exercise therapy, massage and manual techniques.

Costs and coverage

If you have additional insurance, the physiotherapy treatment fees are usually covered by your health insurance. We have agreements with nearly all large health insurance companies.


Since 1 January, 2006, you no longer always need a reference from your doctor to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. In a screening of about fifteen minutes, we will decide if you need further physiotherapy treatment or if you will need to contact your doctor.
You can make an appointment by telephone, or at the counter of sportcentrum Universum or the ASC.


For intake and treatment at USC Fysiotherapie

sportcentrum Universum
tel. (020) 525 8952
Monday – Friday

tel. (020) 566 32 23

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Amstelcampus sport & fitness
tel. (020) 525 89 62
Monday – Friday

You can make an appointment online or by phone.

All info or mail to

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