Sports lab

The USC sports lab is part of the SMA. The sports lab is specialised in taking sports tests. Based on the results of a sports test, you – trainer, athlete, coach – will get professional training advice.

It isn’t possible to plan a sports test at the moment, due to defective measuring equipment.

The sports test: what is it?

  • You’ll do a max test on a treadmill, indoor bike, or rowing ergometer.
  • You’ll do a sprint test on the bike.
  • The test will take 2 hours in total.
  • The sports test will be held in sportcentrum Universum.
  • We will measure your oxygen intake and CO2 emission. With this we will determine your heart rate/training zones.
  • Based on your training zones you will receive training advice.
  • Check ‘extensive info’ below for more details.

The sports test: something for you?

Are you a serious athlete, or trying to get back into sports? You want to make progress in training? You want to know your physical condition and you have the ambition to improve? Have you been training without making any progress? All fair reasons to make an appointment with the USC sports lab.


  • I want to cycle Luik-Bastenaken-Luik.
  • I want to be selected for a team.
  • I want to join the Vierdaagse/Four Day March.
  • I want to ride the alternative Elfstedentocht/Eleven Cities Tour.
  • I simply to want to know about my physical condition.
  • I need to be in shape to climb the Mont-Blanc.
  • How can I train effectively?
  • Why do I acidify quickly during training, and how do I prevent or fix this?
  • Although I train regularly, I’m not losing any weight. How should I train instead?
  • How does my physical condition compare to someone else’s?

Extensive info: the sports test

It’s aimed at sports people who want to find out every detail about their physical condition, and how to train effectively. It’s suitable both for professional sports people and serious recreational sports people, and can be taken on a bicycle, treadmill or rowing machine. This test contains a VO2max test (measuring the maximal oxygen consumption) and Wingate test (anaerobic capacity).

In the VO2max test, we will up the exertion levels step by step, until we reach your maximal capacity. During the test, we measure the oxygen uptake (VO2), the carbon dioxide elimination (VCO2), the maximum strength and/or speed, and the heart rate.

The Wingate test is a sprint test, which gives us an idea of your maximum anaerobic capacity – in other words, your sprinting ability. This helps us determine your dominant muscle type (fast or slow fibers).

Using the data from these two tests, we’ll determine…
•    Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), THE standard for endurance and talent in professional sports
•    Anaerobic threshold. Also called the acidification point, an important checkpoint when figuring out specific training. We’ll figure out the heart rate and exertion level (or speed) acidification starts at.
•    Optimal fat burning. The heart rate and exertion level (or speed) at which your body burns the most fat.
•    Anaerobic capacity. The amount of energy stored in your muscles that can be used directly (without oxygen).
•    Efficiency. We’ll determine the amount of energy your body consumes during exercise, depending on the technique and coordination.
•    Dominant muscle type: are you a sprinter or stayer?
•    Heart rate training zones. The training intensity is divided into different (physiological) training zones.

All this gives us a complete image of your physical condition, allowing us to offer specific advice regarding potential changes to your training. A follow-up to this test could be a personalised training schedule or personal coaching. If you’d like your team to take these tests, contact us.

Your personal training schedule

Do you want help composing and/or adjusting your own training schedule, or your team’s? The USC sports lab offers its experience and expertise. The USC sports lab can develop your training schedule and/or assist in optimalising your existing schedule. When putting together a training schedule, we take into account your training goal(s), possibilities, but also your school or work schedule, days off, side jobs and personal (training) preferences. We also phrase the goals in a way so that we can evaluate them based on measurable results.

The basics of the training schedule are formed by the results of a sports test, or recent competition results. In this, the scope and intensity of the training sessions are clearly outlined in eg. kilometers, speed, minutes, and heart rate. Training sessions can be adjusted after consultation, and goals can be similarly updated. In the last week of the schedule, we evaluate the result of your sessions by doing a test training or participating in a competition. Next, we adjust the schedule for the upcoming period.

The duration of the schedule depends on your goal. We usually work in blocks of six weeks.

Sports test
Cat. I €65,50
Cat. II €105,-
Cat. III €130,-
(check categories)

Triathlon test
Cat. I €118,-
Cat. II €190,-
Cat. III €245,-

The sports test and triathlon test packages include professional advice. Want a more detailed training schedule? Check the prices below.

Personalized training schedule
6 wks, 12 wks, 24 wks
Cat. I     €17,50, €30,50, €55,50
Cat. II   €33,-, €52,50, €96,50
Cat. III  €42,-, €71,-, €125,-

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