ClubWest shrinks: what does it mean?

Over the years, you may have noticed how nice, but also how huge our ClubWest location actually is. Sadly, a considerable part of the ClubWest square meters is not used (efficiently) to contribute to the main goal of USC: providing student sports. That’s why USC and AUAS, the owner of the ClubWest building, agreed on a new arrangement.

What is going to happen?

As of 1 January 2022, USC will give the left part of the upper floor back to AUAS. That saves us quite a lot of rental costs.

What does this mean?

Giving those square meters back effects both our sports program as well as the facilities at ClubWest. As of 1 January 2022, the following applies at ClubWest:

  • Studio 1 and 2 remain part of ClubWest.
  • The Body & Mind studio at ClubWest closes, and therefore the extensive yoga program comes to an end. However, some yoga basic classes will be added to the (group) fitness program.
  • The kinesis studio closes. Part of the kinesis equipment will be moved to the ClubWest fitness.
  • The sauna closes.

Why do we stop offering yoga and kinesis?

In giving back square meters, it’s for practical reasons an obvious choice to sacrifice part of the upper floor. There won’t be much renovation needed when doing that. But, there’s also this: out of all sports facilities at ClubWest, the Body & Mind studio and kinesis studio are least used by our members.

Why do we say goodbye to the sauna too?

Considering our USC mission, the sauna is a nice to have, rather than a must have. Given the new situation it’s really important to use as much square meters as possible to offer sports. We therefore want to find a new purpose for the current sauna space. Either way, we have to create a different ground floor layout because of the loss of both sports and office space.

What does this mean for your yoga membership?

With a yoga or yoga+fitness membership, you can keep working out until 31 December. As of 1 January, you can’t use these memberships for yoga classes at ClubWest anymore. Members with a yoga or yoga+fitness membership will be informed about an arrangement by email.


We can imagine that all this, despite the explanation above, raises some questions. Of course you can ask those questions to our member services via, or at the ClubWest front desk. Please be kind to each other. ❤️