Pay your membership monthly

Monthly payment per direct debit is possible for certain memberships.

Monthly payment USC

The advantages
   you don’t have to pay a big amount at once.
   (half) year memberships are (relatively) cheaper than shorter memberships (1 or 3 months).
   only our year memberships can be ‘frozen’ for a month each year. For example when you go on a holiday!

The disadvantages
   you can purchase these direct debit memberships only at one of our front desks, and not online.
  monthly payment is a little bit more expensive than paying the whole membership at once.

NB: whether you choose to pay at once or by monthly instalments, your membership will end automatically at its end date.

What does it cost?

Monthly payment costs you €1,50 a month extra as a student. Non-students pay €3,- extra per month. An example;

  • A year membership fitness for students costs €172,80 if you pay at once. This equals €14,40 per month.
  • A year membership fitness for students costs €15,90 by direct debit (monthly payment). This equals €190,80 for a year.

How do I get this?

You can purchase your direct debit membership only at one of our front desks, and not online (update: in 2020 we will make this available online as well). At the front desk, they know all the ins and outs about how it works, which memberships can be paid in monthly instalments and how much it is going to cost you per month.