Mandatory reservations: why?

The obligation to make reservations was one of the corona guidelines imposed by the government during the pandemic. And although the government doesn’t obligate it any longer, USC has decided to maintain the obligation. We can imagine this decision might raise some questions.

Why mandatory reservations?

  1. The ideas for mandatory reservations at USC go way back, to a time in which the corona virus was still unknown. On certain moments in the week, and during popular classes, it was just too busy at USC. The call from our members to do something about this was pretty strong.
  2. With a reservation we can assure you that you can work out with us in a relatively calm environment. You aren’t all fighting over the 12 kilo dumbbells anymore ;-).
  3. With a reservation system USC has a better view on the expected turnout. This gives us the possibility to be more flexible regarding the deployment of personnel. Considering the enormous financial corona hit USC received, it’s more relevant than ever to make USC both affordable and financially stable.

Why just 2x a week?

  1. You can have two active reservations for the upcoming 6 days. But, as soon as your first reservation is over, you can make a new one. So, you can work out more than twice a week (if there are free spots!).
  2. The number of reservations is unlimited on the day itself. Except for tennis and padel, where you can have max. 1 reservation per day.
  3. With this system we can make sure that everybody – and not just the diehards – gets the opportunity to work out on their favorite time.

Why a no show system?

Mandatory reservations without no show sanctions wasn’t that much of a success. It happened too much that members who made a reservation, didn’t show up. As a result: classes/timeslots seemed fully booked, members who would’ve loved to work out couldn’t make a reservation anymore, and in the end there were a lot of empty spots because of no show! Really frustrating for both you and us.

How do we make it more easy for you?

  1. Before the end of this calendar year, USC will launch a brand-new My USC site. Because, let’s be honest, the current one is pretty sh*t. With the new My USC site it will be easier to make a reservation (also last minute when you already are at one of our locations) and to cancel your reservation.
  2. You can make a reservation up to one minute before the start of your class/timeslot, as long as there’s a free spot. No free spots at that moment? Then it shows the importance of a reservation system.
  3. And… We’ll make sure that, if you forgot to make a reservation, the people at our front desks will always help you out.