Monique on the PT at AC

What do you think of the PT sessions at Amstelcampus?

I’m really happy with the PT sessions. During the first lockdown, I gained some weight – even though I attended the online classes. Because of all the staying at home, I noticed I enjoyed a glass of wine at night a little extra, to make the most of these weird times.😊 First, I worked out 4-5 days a week at Amstelcampus. But when that wasn’t possible anymore, and all of the extra calories…🙈 That wasn’t the best combination out there. I remember when I wanted to get in a pair of pants and that didn’t go too smooth. From that moment on, I started to be more careful with my food and USC opened up the outdoor sports program as well.

Monique working out on the sidewalk of the Wibautstraat

Who is your favorite trainer and why?

Jelle! Because he challenges you. I really like his style of training. A challenging circuit with active ‘rest’ a.k.a. burpees. When I sign up for a PT session, I want to be worn out at the end. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I always attended the synergy classes and this is somewhat similar. Daan is a trainer I like as well by the way.

Who do you bring to your training?

In the weekends I bring my boyfriend. He had a really tough time during the training – which I secretly enjoyed. He plays field hockey and he’s in pretty good shape most of the time. But because of his cancelled trainings, he was inferior to me 😜. During the week I sometimes bring a friend, but she has to work a lot. So, if there’s anybody who wants to share a membership with me… Let me know!

How many PT sessions did you have in total?

I think I bought the PT membership five times already – so, probably 13 sessions or something. Some people might think of it as a lot of money, but where else can you attend three PT sessions for just €50,-? And I always feel completely reborn at the end of a session. Plus, I can’t spend that money on drinks and restaurants either…


Is there anything you want to say to our members?

Maybe you haven’t bought a PT sessions yet, because you thought of it as too expensive or a little scary. But just do it! You can let your trainer know what kind of exercises you’d like and don’t like. And you can share the costs with a friend as well. And okay… To be honest, you’re standing a little bit in the spotlight on the sidewalk of the Wibautstraat. But I’m only encouraged by people that are passing by. And in the end, you’ll be completely in shape again if everything reopens. While the rest has yet to begin…

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