Direct debit USC March & April

USC Universum Amsterdam


Do you have a question? Of course we’re there for you!

What’s the rest of our plan?

We had a plan. Everything was in play. But then: outdoor sports for people under 27? We are still figuring out whether that means something for USC. Keep an eye on tomorrow’s newsletter, to find out what we’ve planned!

What if we can reopen after 15 March?

It might be a case of wishful thinking, but hey: a man can dream. Suppose we can start again after 15 March… In that case you won’t be collected in March (unless you’ve indicated otherwise). From April onwards, your direct debit membership will run like usual again. You will be informed in further detail if we can reopen.

To collect, or not to collect

These are your options:

  1. Can we collect from your account in May? Let us know 10 May at the latest by replying to this email. If you choose to get collected, you can join USC Online for free! While it lasts (suppose we are allowed to open somewhere in between…), but until 1 June at the latest.
  2. When you do nothing, we won’t collect from your account in May.

It feels a little awkward – that’s what crises do to you –, but we’re going to ask you once again. Ask if we have your permission to collect for your direct debit membership. And in order to not have to spam you every month, this time we ask for permission to collect in both March and April. If we don’t hear from you, we won’t collect for those months. Your contribution is highly appreciated and will be well spent! In this newsletter you’ll read how it works.