Direct debit USC May

Even doorbijten - USC

Call us naive, but we didn’t see this one coming. That we would still be asking for your donation in May… And yet, hopefully for the very last time, we will do it again. Because we can still really use your support. Do we have your permission to collect for your membership one more month? Check below how to let us know. If we don’t hear anything, of course we won’t collect anything either. And for now, nog even doorbijten!

What if we can reopen on 11 May?

For now, the next step in the government’s opening plan is scheduled for 11 May. In that step, indoor sports is possible again and the possibilities for outdoor sports are extended. We don’t expect too much, but you never know. Suppose we can start again on 11 May… In that case you still won’t be collected in May, to compensate for half the month you missed in December. From June onwards, your direct debit membership will run like usual again. Of course we will inform you in full detail when we can reopen.


Do you have a question? Of course we are there for you!

To collect, or not to collect

These are your options:

  1. Can we collect from your account in May? Let us know 10 May at the latest by replying to this email. If you choose to get collected, you can join USC Online for free! While it lasts (suppose we are allowed to open somewhere in between…), but until 1 June at the latest.
  2. When you do nothing, we won’t collect from your account in May.