The roadmap: when do we reopen...

Even doorbijten - USC

What does this mean for you?

When can we restart your course? When can we ‘defrost’ all your frozen memberships? When can we work out indoors again, and with how many people? We don’t have the answers yet. But we promise you: as soon as we know, you’re the first one to hear from us! Keep an eye on your inbox and our corona updates.

The sports roadmap

  • Step 1 – from 28 April. Not really sports related, but still pretty damn sweet: the terraces are reopening. Among which our Oerknal terrace!
  • Step 2 – from 11 May. Indoor sports allowed (under what conditions?). Outdoor sports will be expanded (how?).
  • Step 3 – from 26 May. Indoor and outdoor sports will be expanded.
  • Step 4 – from 16 June. Indoor and outdoor sports will be expanded.
  • Step 5 – from 7 July. Indoor and outdoor sports will be expanded.

Of course, these steps raise more questions than they actually provide answers. Answers we will only be able to give you in the run-up to each step. Still, we are very happy sports was mentioned so much: our bosses in The Hague are indeed thinking of you!

…but the good news is: sports was mentioned explicitly during Tuesday’s press conference. ‘We’ are even part of the official ‘Opening plan: step by step more possibilities’ by the Rijksoverheid. Even though we’re starting to learn how unsure the steps of all those roadmaps can be, we’re still hopeful about it all. Read in this newsletter what the Rijksoverheid has in mind for us.

Nog even doorbijten…

With a chocolate bar by Tony, you feel a little less lonely. All USC staff members received this lovely present by the staff association. The chocolate we won’t share with you, but the message we will: Nog even doorbijten, groetjes USC! (ask your Dutch friends and find out how untranslatable it is 😉)

Nog even doorbijten…

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