USC open: need-to-knows

Fitness USC Amsterdam

8. House rules

Of course, our house rules aren’t what they used to be. No high fives and no hugging in the sport facilities (although kindness towards USC employees and your fellow members will be appreciated!). Please read our additional corona house rules carefully before you visit USC. We can only keep things safe together.

7. My USC – mobile access: QR app

You can choose how you enter USC: by using the finger scan or by using the My USC – mobile access app.

  • Download the app: Android and iOS.
  • If you choose to use the My USC – mobile access app, you check in by scanning the QR code at the access gates. This way (or by using your finger scan) you’re automatically checked in.
  • Are you training outdoor or in a space that can’t be reached by using the access gates? Check in by scanning the QR code at the USC location.
  • No smartphone? Use your finger scan or check in with your trainer/teacher.
  • If you have booked two timeslots/classes in a row, you need to check in again for your second reservation as soon as your first reservation ends. You can do so by going through the gates again, with the My USC access app or with your finger scan, or by reporting to the instructor/teacher who can check you in again. If you don’t, USC will register a no show.

6. Making a reservation and no show fee

All workouts in our sports program require a reservation. The easiest way to make a reservation is via the timetable on the sports page of your sport at Check out the most important reservation rules, and what happens if you don’t cancel, below:


  • You can make a reservation 6 days in advance.
  • You can have 2 active reservations for the upcoming 6 days. But as soon as your first reservation is over, you can make a new one. So, you can work out more than twice a week (if there are free spots)!
  • The number of reservations is unlimited on the day itself.


Booked a class, but can’t make it? Please cancel in advance: our capacity is limited!

  • Cancel up to one hour before the start of your reservation.
  • Are you not cancelling (on time)? Then you risk a no show fee of €3,-.
  • Of course, it can happen that you forget to cancel by accident. That’s why we give a kind warning the first time it happens.
  • Are you not paying the no show fee? In that case you can’t make a reservation – meaning you can’t work out – for 2 weeks.

5. When are we ‘defrosting’? Perspective!

For now, the reactivation of most regular memberships, as well as the start of the sale, is planned at the next step: step 3 in the opening plan of the government. That step was originally scheduled for 26 May, but has been postponed to 9 June at the earliest. Of course, you will be informed in time, also about a possible compensation!

4. Why does your membership remain frozen?

Most regular memberships remain ‘frozen’. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • The capacity is simply insufficient due to the current corona guidelines. If we would reactivate all memberships right now, you would have to fight in order to get yourself a free timeslot. And we’ve been fighting more than enough over the last year…
  • A big part of our sports program we cannot offer you like you would expect from us. Like group fitness, indoor, in a studio. Our sports program doesn’t do justice to the value of your membership.
  • With the Open Air + Indoor Fitness Membership you decide if you want to work out again, or if you want to wait for the moment your favorite group class is back on schedule like in the good old days.

3. What membership can you work out with?

Because there’s still a lot that is not possible yet, most memberships remain frozen. Do you want to hit the gym and do (outdoor) group classes? Until 8 June, that’s only possible with an Open Air + Indoor Fitness Membership. For a couple of other sports, you can already use your membership, or get a new one: squash, climbing and bouldering.


  • With this membership (valid until 8 June), you can work out individually in the USC gyms (indoor) and join all outdoor group and martial arts classes.
  • At 4 USC locations: Universum, ClubWest, Amstelcampus and ASC.
  • Corona proof: at 1.5 meter distance, mandatory reservations and additional house rules.

2. What is not possible yet?

There still is quite a lot that’s not possible yet:

  • Indoor group classes
  • All contact sports, like some martial arts
  • All team sports, like basketball and futsal

1. What is possible again?

You can work out indoors, but only individually or with max. two people at a 1.5 meter distance. Working out in groups, also at a 1.5 meter distance, is only allowed outdoors. This is what’s possible:

  • INDOOR: fitness, climbing, bouldering and squash
  • OUTDOOR: group classes, some martial arts, tennis and padel

We are open! And that’s great news of course. But because of all restrictions, it’s also pretty complicated. That’s why we take you through the following need-to-knows in this humongous (sorry!) newsletter:

  1. What is possible again?
  2. What is not possible yet?
  3. What membership can you work out with?
  4. Why does your membership remain frozen?
  5. When are we ‘defrosting’? Perspective!
  6. Making a reservation and no show fee
  7. My USC – mobile access: QR app
  8. House rules


Do you have a question? Of course we are there for you!