USC Open Air replaces Teams

Koning Robb USC

What happens to your membership?

That still remains “frozen” (except when you’re playing tennis/padel). Nevertheless, it’s good to carefully prepare for the fact that we will defrost memberships and courses ‘somewhere’ in the coming period. Which means the direct debits start running again, and the counters start ticking again. Of course we will inform you about all that in time!

And until then?

  • You might find out that tennis and/or padel is really your thing after all?
  • You can book sessions with your PT membership, at least until 15 May. You guys have already booked over 1.000 PT sessions in total!
  • Or you keep your sweat at home, with USC Online until 31 May. USC Online got its 10.000th booking last week.

Sanctions for no show

It happens quite often that a reservation is made, but someone doesn’t show up. This is pretty annoying, especially when the capacity is already limited and someone else would’ve really liked that spot. So, we’re finally going to do something about that no show. We’ve already announced it a while ago, but here it is: the no show fee. This is how it works:

  • Cancel up to one hour before the start of your reservation (but preferably earlier).
  • Are you not canceling (on time)? You risk a no show fee.
  • Of course it can happen that you forget to cancel. That’s why you only get a warning the first time.
  • After the second time you don’t cancel, you’ll pay a €3,- no show fee.
  • Are you not paying? That’s okay, but it means you can’t make a reservation for 2 weeks – and therefore can’t work out.

USC Open Air 27-

On 1 May, we’ll start with USC Open Air for those under 27 years old. With an Open Air Membership you book the classes you want, when you want. So no more teams at fixed times. Check the USC Open Air Membership, you can already get it and book your first workout!

USC Open Air 27-

Of course we behaved extremely well on Kingsday with our very own King Robb. After all, fewer infections means that USC will open sooner! That’s why, while half of Amsterdam was partying in the Jordaan, we were putting together a cool USC Open Air program. For the time being only for people under 27, unfortunately. But we do want to offer those 26+ a bit of perspective in this newsletter (for what it’s worth). In other words: don’t close it yet, keep on reading. And hang on for a while longer.

What about those 26+?

As soon as the government gives us green (or even yellow) light for outdoor sports in bigger groups of 26+ people, you can all join USC Open Air. The government intends to give us some more possibilities on 11 and 26 May. Let’s wait and see: you’ll be the first to hear from us! We keep our fingers crossed.

What about those 26+?

Tennis and padel courses

On 3 May 11.59 AM we’re opening the registration for all tennis and padel courses that start in the week of 25 May. Maybe it won’t sell out as fast as all the Fieldlab events, but still: be quick!

Tennis and padel courses

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