USC Teams: outdoor sports for youngsters under 27

USC Teams: outdoor fitness Universum


Do you have a question? Of course we are there for you!

Bootcamp Teams: how does it work?

Maybe the best corona kilo killer out there. Around ClubWest or Universum, you and your team will be suffering and sweating like in the good old days. Join Team Bootcamp!

Kickboxing Teams: how does it work?

No 1.5 meter distance, so you will actually be landing punches again during the outdoor kickboxing trainings at Universum. Either Stef or Etmo will be your trainer. Join Team Kickboxing!

Fitness Teams: how does it work?

Universum has an outdoor gym on the terrace. Plenty of equipment for a pretty intense workout: 4 squat racks, barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, 3 spinning bikes, rowing ergometer. ASC has an outdoor gym under the canopy in front of the door. Join Team Fitness!

Which sports, which locations

There will be USC Teams at 3 of our locations.

  • Individual outdoor fitness on the terrace of Universum, and in front of ASC.
  • Bootcamp around Universum and ClubWest.
  • Kickboxing next to Universum.
  • Unfortunately, there is no room around Amstelcampus for outdoor team sports. We are continuing Personal Training over there.

USC Teams: how does it work?

In order to meet the corona regulations, we have set up quite the complex system for USC Teams. Check out a few of the rules:

  • You cannot be older than 26.
  • You can sign up for a maximum of 1 team.
  • You sign up individually for bootcamp, fitness or kickboxing, but you always work out in the same team. In that way, we keep the bubbles small.
  • You will work out twice a week on the same day+time, until 1 April.
  • Maintaining 1.5 meter distance is not required.

Check out all the rules and sign up via USC Teams!

Finally, some good news: the government has chosen you, and all the others under 27, and invited them to work out again. Outdoors and in a team though. And that’s exactly what we’re going to offer you. Starting today, Wednesday 3 March, we will run the outdoor sports program USC Teams. You can choose between individual fitness, bootcamp and kickboxing. Please take a moment to read how it all works in this newsletter, because it’s a bit complicated. We’re so fucking – pardon our French – excited for this. You too? Go for it: join our USC Teams!