USC update 10: yoga+fitness membership

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3. What does this mean for your membership?

Now it gets a little more complicated, please read this super carefully.

  • If you do not make a single reservation in the period between 5 November and 18 November, the end date of your membership will be extended by two weeks. This happens automatically: you don’t have to do anything.
  • If you make at least one reservation in the period between 5 November and 18 November (for example for fitness, but also for an online group fitness class), the end date of your membership remains unchanged.
  • If the current measures are extended after 18 November, we will inform you again in due course.

2. What is still possible?

  • Individual training in the gyms at Amstelcampus, ASC, ClubWest and Universum.
    • We want to increase the fitness capacity as quickly as possible.
    • At ClubWest we have created an extra fitness room on the top floor. Just book in the fitness timetable.
    • We’re placing spinning bikes in the studios at Universum and ASC, where you can cycle individually with your own music (and with a reservation only, of course). Book in the group fitness timetable.
  • We are working on an extensive online group fitness program. You can join these classes with your yoga+fitness membership. You can already book the first classes in this online group fitness timetable, and more classes will be added soon! And good to know: there’s no restriction of max. 2 active reservations in the next 6 days for these online classes.

4. Our wish?

Our wish is that you continue to work out with USC in the coming weeks. Not only will that keep you in shape, at the same time you support USC enormously! And let’s be honest: what else are you going to do…? (Too soon?).

Of course our second and greatest wish is for the corona situation to improve in a way that relieves healthcare and healthcare workers and lets us offer a “normal” program again in two weeks. Nevertheless, we are also preparing for an extension of these measures. In that case we will of course inform you again in due time, with this newsletter and on our website. Do you have a pressing question in the meantime? You can always send an email to

Stay safe & stay with us ❤️

1. What is no longer possible?

All group classes, except online classes, have been removed from the program from 5 November until 18 November. Did you already make a reservation for a group class? This will be canceled automatically.

We start with the good news. Which is that USC, unlike cultural institutions for example, can stay open. But it was quite disappointing to hear that we have to stop with all group classes for the next two weeks.

After processing those new RIVM guidelines, we do what we always do: on to daily business. And informing you and our other members as soon as possible. About what we intend to do with your membership, for instance. Please read this letter thoroughly.