USC update 6: USC open from 1 July?

USC Open Air

Our specialists

Most of our SMA specialists have reopened their practice. The sports physician, but also the physiotherapists, dietitian and massage therapist are there for you. Taking all corona guidelines into account, they help you deal with your shoulder injuries, dietary issues or tense muscles. Almost like usual.

Our specialists

Online workouts continue

A wish we’ve had for a long time, has become reality very quickly during the corona period: online workouts. And because we’ve received many enthousiastic reactions to our Stay at home offer, we’ll continue to offer a digital sports program. Even when things ‘get back to normal’. We continue to professionalize and search for the right platform, we’ll keep you posted!

Online workouts continue

USC Tennis & Padel

Rent a court, or play tennis / padel as often as you like with a membership. The extra courses in June only have a few spots left. And starting this Monday you can subscribe for the summer courses.

USC Tennis & Padel

Eetcafé Oerknal reopened!

Join us for drinks, lunch and laughs at the terrace of Eetcafé Oerknal. And check this video of our Oerknal colleague Tom explaining how Oerknal works during corona times. We are ready for you, with checklist + hand sanitizer!

Eetcafé Oerknal reopened!

Q&A USC Open Air

“Until when does the Open Air program continue?”

At least until 1 July. In the last week of June, we will decide how to proceed.

“What will happen to the Open Air fees?”

We will lower the membership fees slightly every Monday morning at 9.00, so you can continue to join USC Open Air at an attractive rate at least until 1 July!

“I already have an Open Air membership with an end date after 1 July: what will happen here?”

In due time, we will change your Open Air membership to another membership with which you can continue training.

“What happens when it rains?”

In case of bad weather, certain activities may be canceled. We will try to inform you by email at least one hour before the start. You can also check the Open Air timetable to see if activities are canceled.

“What is USC doing to give all participants enough possibilities to workout?”

  • The capacity is scaled up regularly. For example, we started with 9 spots per timeslot for fitness, now we are at 15.
  • The number of timeslots will be increased as much as possible.
  • New sports are added to the program regularly.
  • We ask participants to book responsibly.
  • We aks participants to cancel on time.

“Will there be any new workouts / sports in Open Air?”

A number of combat sports have been added to the Open Air program this week, including boxing (bag training). We are trying to add beachvolleyball and slackline classes soon!

Open from 1 July?

It looks like you can train indoors again at USC from 1 July. How that will work exactly? No one knows. The key question remains: which sports and classes will we be able to offer in our facilities? We can only answer that question when all government guidelines are clear. Nevertheless, we can already clarify a number of things. This is where we stand:

  • We will continue our Open Air Membership until 1 July (check the Q&A about USC Open Air below).
  • We expect to have more certainty about our reopening no earlier than the last week of June.
  • As soon as the government guidelines are clear, we will inform you about our plans as of 1 July.
  • Are you in for a compensation arrangement? As soon as we have certainty about reopening, you can expect a newsletter.

We’ve already asked a lot of your patience in the past few months. And now we appeal to that again. The only thing we can do is wait. But waiting does not mean that we are doing nothing. On the contrary! In this newsletter you can read what you can expect from us in June.


Any questions? We are happy to answer them. Send an email to