USC update 9: new corona measures

USC-logo corona

8. Be kind

It doesn’t get any easier with all these changes and measures. But we’re really doing everything we can to give everyone the opportunity to continue training with us. That is why we ask you to try and understand the measures we are taking, and to be super kind to all others when you visit our locations.

Do you have questions? You can ask them by sending an email to, but please only do so if it’s really necessary. Our mailboxes are exploding and the phones at the front desk are ringing continuously!

7. New domain:

Totally not Covid-19 related, but since you’ve come this far anyway: since 12 October, USC has a new domain. We have left and you can now find us at Change your bookmarks!

6. Course sale postponed

We decided to postpone course sale until further notice. After the evaluation of the RIVM regarding the effect of new corona measures, we will decide if and which courses can start in the week of 16 November.

5. Dressing rooms/showers closed

Back to the crappy news. The dressing rooms and showers of Universum, ClubWest, Amstelcampus, ASC, USC Body & Mind and USC Tennis are closed. Come to our locations as changed as possible, and leave your 80 liter nomad backpack at home!

4. Is there any good news?

Is there also something to cheer about (lips sealed)? (And are you trying that right now?) Anyway. Hell yes. There is also some good news:

  • In Universum, we want to create an extra fitness area as soon as possible. This means that a maximum of 30 extra fitness spots per timeslot might be added!
  • (Almost) all group classes can continue. For group classes of individual sports where a distance of 1.5 meters can be guaranteed (such as yoga, spinning, dance, zumba), the maximum number of 30 people per room indoors applies.
  • We will start with online group fitness classes as soon as possible, which you can join with your fitness membership. Keep an eye on the website!
  • All USC locations are thinking about how to expand the capacity. By adding classes to the program, for example. Keep you posted!

3. Maximum of 2 reservations

More ouch. But it is absolutely necessary. As a result of the above, for now you can only have 2 active reservations on your name in the consecutive 6 days, instead of 4. Check the reservation rules to see how this works: you can still work out more than twice a week, also with this new measure!

2. Less capacity fitness

This one hurts as well. The number of participants per class / room will be reduced to a maximum of 30. For USC, this means that there will be less capacity in the fitness areas of Universum and ClubWest.

1. Sports that are cancelled

Below you find the list of sports / classes in the USC sports program that have been stopped immediately. Sports that are offered by sports associations are not included in this overview.

  • Futsal
  • Basketball
  • Squash
  • All martial arts
  • All group classes in our fitness areas (synrgy, abs, HIIT etc.)
  • The climbing beginners course (the rest of the climbing program does continue)
  • The boxercise class on the group fitness schedule

All other activities in our sports program will continue: and that’s a lot. Things like yoga, tennis, (group) fitness and bouldering.

Tuesday night was as nerve wracking as watching the Dutch soccer team play a World Cup finale. We are still open, but we’re playing in overtime and have our backs against the wall. We therefore want to give you some unsolicited parental advice: stick to the rules and prevent our dear country and ditto sports club from having to go into complete lockdown in 2 weeks! In this newsletter we’ll guide you through the measures that USC is taking following last Tuesday’s press conference.