USC update: lockdown and your direct debit membership

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USC continues working out online

Because sports at USC facilities is not going to happen for a while, we continue online with USC Online. Let’s get through lockdown together, and fit! With a USC Online membership you can join a lot of workouts, such as martial arts HIIT, booty workout and vinyasa yoga. Get that membership 💪

If we can open again on 19 January

Suppose we start again on 19 January. Then we will collect again in the beginning of February. However, you will get a 4 day discount on the February collection: you were not able to work out from 15 to 31 December, while you could work out from 19 January to 31 January.

Can we collect or not?

These are your options:

  1. Can we collect from your account in January? Let us know 3 January at the latest by sending an email to – subject Direct debit January. A short answer like “go for it” or even shorter “go” will do. You can of course also explain why you want to continue with the direct debit: we would love to read what USC means to you. If you choose to be collected, you can participate in USC Online for free!
  2. If you do nothing, we will not collect from your account in January.

Your direct debit membership at USC is also in lockdown at the moment. Which means you can’t work out – except online. Which also means that we won’t collect from your account in January, unless you give us permission. Like so many other organizations, USC has suffered a major financial blow. Any contribution helps us survive that blow and supports us in our perspective for the future. Continue reading to see how you can help and what we plan to do with your membership. We wish you some very special holidays. And we cannot emphasize this enough: thank you for letting us be your sports club in 2020! ❤️


Any questions? We’re happy to help.

  • USC can be reached by phone from Mon. until Fri. 11.00-13.00 at 020-525 89 55. Except on 25 December and 1 January, when our front desk employees are celebrating as well.
  • You can also reach us at, or via chat on facebook messenger or instagram!