We are reactivating your membership!

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Compensation corona closure

It totally sucks that you have not been able to use your USC Deal passe-partout for such a long time. We therefore want to accommodate you. We are still discussing things with the UvA, but we will get back to you as soon as we have made the decision. We expect to be able to tell you more somewhere in July – well before your membership ends.

We’ve been looking forward to sending you this newsletter for a very long time. The letter in which we’re telling you the whole USC train starts running again. That your membership reactivates. And in which we explain how we’ll compensate you for the period you were not able to work out (and you’ve already paid for). We would like to thank you. That you’re still with us. That you didn’t let USC go – even when it lasted so long – and we therefore can help you out again during your favorite workouts. Love, on behalf of the whole USC team. ❤️


Do you have questions? Of course we’re there for you! Check out the reopening FAQ or reply to this email.

Your membership will be reactivated

  • As of 5 June, your membership will be reactivated.
  • You can now already make a reservation for classes/timeslots from 5 June onwards. You can do so in the timetable of your sports page on uscsport.nl.
  • You need a reservation for every visit to USC.
  • You can make a reservation 6 days in advance.
  • You can have 2 active reservations for the upcoming 6 days. But as soon as your first reservation is over, you can make a new one. So, you can work out more than twice a week (if there are free spots)!
  • The number of reservations is unlimited on the day itself.
  • Do you have a reservation, but you don’t show up? Then you risk a no show fee.
  • Read this reopening FAQ with among other things a no show fee explainer.