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Learn how to use a bow and shoot like a medieval knight. You learn how to shoot both from a static position as well as while moving.


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Week 24

Traditional archery at USC: How does it work?

  • Course of 9 classes of 90 minutes.
  • The focus is on Korean archery with its so called thumb grip.
  • You learn the basic positions, but you also learn to shoot while moving and turning.
  • You shoot instinctively, without the use of adjusters or other tools.
  • After the course you have a strong basis in traditional archery.
  • Combines well with the Kumdo classes.

What do you learn during the course?

1st lesson: The basics: anchor point, position and the thumb grip.
2nd lesson: Target: focus and instinct.
3th lesson: Korean draw and special positions.
4th lesson: Special positions and movements.
5th lesson: Quick draw and speed shooting.
6th lesson: Shooting from distance – between 25 and 40 meters.
7th lesson: Other styles: Mediterranean draw and other variants.
8th lesson: Friendly tournament.
9th lesson: Archery Tag.

Wear and gear

Easy to wear sports clothes and indoor sports shoes. Unexperienced shooters often hit their fore-arm. You can wear a longsleeve to reduce the risk of bruises. The instructor brings thumb guards and hand/arm protection.

USC instructor

Dominic den Drijver is the USC instructor in Kumdo. He’s also the instructor for this archery course.


Universum, Archery course, 6 Dec 19.00

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Category III € 120,-

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Starting date courses*
Period 1: in the week of 7 September 2020
Period 2: in the week of 30 November 2020
Period 3: in the week of 22 February 2021
Period 4: in the week of 3 May 2021
* courses are available for purchase on the Monday 5 weeks prior to the starting dates above


Sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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