USC updates corona virus

On this page we’ll keep you posted regarding the measures that we will be taking to help prevent the corona virus from spreading. Check this page regularly for the most recent updates!

Update 21 October 11.00
We’ve recovered from last week’s press conference a little. As always, a few days after some bad news, we get back on our feet. And we have some positive news for you:

  • No beers, but a freaking gym in Eetcafé Oerknal! As of 21 October 14.30h we have 20 extra fitness spots here – corona proof of course. Check the set-up (video) and book your timeslot in the fitness schedule.
  • We will start with an adapted martial arts program on Monday 26 October. At 1.5 meter distance. You can’t hit anyone. Unfortunately. Check out the martial arts program!
  • On Wednesday 28 October we will start again with some online group fitness classes. You can join with your fitness membership, and you will soon be able to make a reservation in the group fitness schedule.

We’re taking steps… Hang in!

Update 14 October 11.00
Last night was as nerve wracking as watching the Dutch soccer team play a World Cup finale. Here are the consequences for USC:

  • We decided to postpone the course sale until further notice. After the evaluation of the RIVM regarding the effect of the new corona measures, we will decide if and which courses can start in the week of 16 November.
  • As of Thursday 15 October, the number of participants per class / room will be reduced to a maximum of 30. For USC, this means that there will be less capacity in the fitness areas of Universum and ClubWests. If timeslots are overbooked in the upcoming days, we will contact you (but it seems to be OK!).
  • As a result of the above, for now you can only have 2 active reservations on your name in the consecutive 6 days, instead of 4. Check the reservation rules to see how this works: you can still work out more than twice a week, also with this new measure!
  • We also have some good news: (almost) all group classes can continue. For group classes of individual sports where a distance of 1.5 meters can be guaranteed (such as yoga, spinning, dance, zumba), the maximum number of 30 people per room indoors applies.
  • All group classes in our fitness areas (synrgy, abs, HIIT etc.) are canceled effective Thursday 15 October.
  • The futsal competition will be discontinued effective immediately. Participants will be informed by the competition management.
  • Basketball will stop effective immediately. Participants will be informed by e-mail today.
  • Squash will stop effective immediately. Participants will be informed by e-mail.
  • All martial arts classes are canceled. Do you have a martial arts membership? You can expect an update via email today.
  • All martial arts courses will be discontinued effective immediately. You will be informed about this by e-mail today.
  • The climbing beginners courses will be discontinued effective immediately. All other climbing and bouldering courses still continue as planned.
  • We are still waiting for an update on the exact interpretation of measures regarding squash. You will be informed via mail a.s.a.p.
  • Tennis and padel will continue! But, we will be publishing some additional corona house rules a.s.a.p.. You will also be informed by mail.
  • The dressing rooms and showers of Universum, ClubWest, Amstelcampus, ASC, USC Body & Mind and USC Tennis will be closed as of Thursday 15 October. Take your – preferably not too big – bag into the sports area!
  • We are considering an online group class program that you can join with your USC membership. To be continued!
  • Expecting an email? Also keep an eye on your spam!

As you can see, many classes and sports can still continue at USC. And although we do not want to be in our government’s shoes, we still want to make a little appeal: stick to the rules and prevent our dear country and ditto sports club from having to go into complete lockdown in 2 weeks! ❤️

Update 13 October 12.15h
While we await tonight’s press conference, we mentally prepare for new restrictions to our sports program. Nothing is certain yet. But the following things are on our agenda now:

  • The start of the course sale of course period II, which was scheduled for 12:00 today, has been postponed by at least a day. We want to make sure which courses we can offer before we make them available online.
  • We assume that a number of courses from course period I cannot be finished. We will contact you by email if you are joining a course that cannot be finished.
  • The number of participants per class / room will probably be reduced to a maximum of 30. For USC, this means that there will be less capacity in the fitness areas of Universum and ClubWest. We are considering other measures.
  • We assume that we’ll have to discontinue the futsal competition soon. The competition management will contact you by email as soon as we know more.
  • We assume that we’ll have to discontinue or modify training sessions for all contact sports. Sports like basketball and all martial arts. Of course you will be informed by email if you have a membership for one of those sports.

Again: everything is still very uncertain. But it is good to mentally prepare yourself… Take care!

Update 29 September 13.00h
While none of this is fun, we are gonna have to deal with it. These are the extra measures that apply at USC from 6 p.m. tonight:

  • When entering USC buildings you wear a face mask. You wear it in all areas of the building, with the exception of the sports areas. As soon as you enter the gym or a studio, you can take off your face mask. This applies to everyone 13 years and older. Note: USC will – as far as possible – aks you to wear a face mask, but we will not send anyone away. We assume that everyone cooperates on their own initiative.
  • Since our front desk employees are behind a splash screen, they are not wearing a face mask. Of course they keep a 1.5 meter distance from each other.
  • All catering facilities in USC buildings close completely. This applies to Eetcafé Oerknal at Universum. The Amstelcampus café at Amstelcampus sport & fitness. The catering facility at ClubWest. And the canteen at USC Tennis. We’re very sorry, but for the time being you can’t even get a cup of coffee after your workout.
  • The dressing rooms will remain open for now. If possible, please change and shower at home. A bag is allowed into the gym. With regards to Universum: don’t just choose dressing rooms 2 and 3 (we know, they are so nice and close), but pick one a little further into the hallway.
  • The number of available spots per timeslot / per class remains unchanged. The sports industry is excluded from the maximum of 30 people indoors. Of course the capacity remains limited due to the 1.5 meter distance rule.

Help our country recover and stick to the guidelines!

Update 29 September 10.00h
We haven’t seen you here for a long time. But, not long enough if you ask us. Anyway. Yesterday’s press conference will inevitably result in new measures at USC as well. We will inform you asap via this page.

Update 25 June
The entire USC team was biting its nails off yesterday evening at 19.00. Around 19.07 we all popped the champagne: we can open again! And not just a little. This is what you can expect from us:

  • Sportcentrum Universum, ClubWest and ASC will reopen on 1 July.
  • Amstelcampus starts with group fitness on 1 July. The gym, for individual fitness, will reopen on 6 July. This is due to a leakage in the fitness area.
  • USC Tennis has been open since 11 May.
  • USC Body & Mind offers online mindfulness and yoga courses this summer.
  • Today (or no later than tomorrow), all members with a valid USC membership on 14 March will receive a newsletter.
  • All fitness / squash / combat sports / passe-partout / yoga / climbing / and bouldering memberships will be reactivated on 1 July. With these memberships you can start training again on 1 July, unless the end date of your membership has already expired. With the arrangement in the newsletter that you will receive today or tomorrow, you can indicate whether you want to extend your membership free of charge. So check your email, including your spam folder! Haven’t received an email while you should have? Let us know:!
  • Our Summer Program is online. This program consists of Summer Memberships and Summer Courses.
  • There are Summer Memberships of multiple sports, including fitness. With all Summer Memberships you can work out until 31 August.
  • Do you have an Open Air Membership with an end date after 30 June 2020? That membership will automatically be changed to a Fitness Summer Membership.
  • Various intensive courses start during the summer.
  • Check the entire Summer Program + fees, dates and timetables.
  • We do not offer memberships other than Summer Memberships in July and August. A new membership system will start on 1 September.
  • Additional corona house rules apply. Please read those before visiting USC.
  • Reservation rules apply.
  • From 1 July, you make a reservation for every visit in the timetable on your sports page.
  • From 1 July, you can make a maximum of 4 reservations in the consecutive 6 days.
  • On the day itself, the number of reservations remains unlimited.
  • As of 1 July, you can choose how to enter USC facilities: with your finger scan or with the new My USC access app. With the app, you don’t have to touch anything with your fingers: corona proof! Download the My USC access appAndroid and iOS (search the store).
  • If you use the My USC access app, you can easily scan the QR code at the entrance.
  • Fitness will move back indoors completely from 1 July.
  • Group fitness will partly continue outdoors. Check the group fitness timetable!
  • Showers and locker rooms in Universum, ClubWest and USC Tennis will be open. The saunas will remain closed until 1 September.

It’s really happening… See you soon!

Update June 17
Although we communicated yesterday that our Amstelcampus location would also reopen on 1 July (subject to change), this is still unsure. Believe it or not: due to a serious leakage, the fitness floor of Amstelcampus must be renewed. We will do everything to reopen on 1 July. It looks like we can offer a group fitness program starting 1 July either way.

Update 16 June
We are more than ready. Open on 1 July! Unless they tell us that it is not going to happen at the press conference on 24 June, you can expect this from us:

  • USC locations Universum (including the climbing and bouldering gyms), ClubWest, ASC will reopen on 1 July. Amstelcampus will hopefully be able to reopen in the course of the month July. USC Tennis has already reopened on 11 May. USC Body & Mind offers online mindfulness and yoga courses this summer.
  • All fitness / passe-partout / yoga / climbing / and bouldering memberships that were stopped on 13 March will be reactivated on 1 July.
  • All other memberships will remain “frozen”, unless we can offer more than we know now.
  • Did you have a membership on 13 March 2020? You will receive a newsletter on 25 June with very relevant info (such as info about the USC compensation arrangement). Check your email, including the spam folder.
  • Didn’t have a membership on 13 March 2020? You can train at USC starting 1 July, with one of the Summer Memberships valid in July & August.
  • Do you have an Open Air Membership with an end date after 30 June 2020? That subscription will automatically be changed to a Fitness Summer Membership.
  • Fitness will move back indoors completely starting 1 July.
  • Group fitness will partly continue outdoors.
  • The timetables for all sports as well as the fees for the Summer Memberships will be online on 25 June.
  • A reservation will be required for all visits to USC. You can make a reservation via the timetable on your sports page.
  • In order for everyone to have the opportunity to train, we will limit the number of reservations you can make.

Please note: all of the above is still subject to change. You will hear from us on 25 June. Fingers crossed!

Update 3 June
And then things changed again… It looks like you can train indoors again at USC from 1 July. How that will work? Nobody knows. This is where we are at:

  • We will continue our Open Air Membership until 1 July.
  • We will lower the membership fees slightly every Monday morning at 9.00, so you can continue to join USC Open Air at an attractive rate at least until 1 July!
  • Do you already have an Open Air Membership with an end date after 1 July? In due time, we will change your Open Air Membership to another membership with which you can continue training.
  • We expect to have more certainty about our reopening no earlier than the last week of June.
  • As soon as we have that certainty, we will inform you about our plans as of 1 July.
  • Are you in for a compensation arrangement? As soon as we have certainty about reopening, you can expect a newsletter.

We are REALLY looking forward to our reopening!

Update 1 June
Eetcafé Oerknal is open again :-) Join us for a drink at our amazing, sunny terrace at sportcentrum Universum. We have great coffee and a nice lunch menu as well! Or just grab your lunch to-go. You don’t have to make a reservation for a spot on our terrace. We offer a place for you indoors as well, in that case do make a reservation. The weather will be great for the next few days, so come and enjoy the best terrace in Amsterdam East while you still can!

Making a reservation: 020-5258950 or via Facebook messenger.

Update 28 May
It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, with a positive looping yesterday evening. We can slowly start hoping for our reopening per 1 July 2020. Fingers crossed. However, a lot is still unclear. That’s why we are asking you, again, to wait patiently for another update which will follow somewhere next week. Regarding the USC Open Air program: this will continue until 30 June at least! So don’t hesitate to get that Open Air Membership :-). We will keep you posted!

Update 20 May

You can reach us by telephone: Monday – Friday 11.00 – 13.00.
Outside these hours: mail to or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

Update 14 May

  • We’ve noticed that the newsletters we sent to USC members in the past few days have not been delivered properly. We are working on the problem and will try to send the newsletters again on Friday 15 May. Please check your spam folder as well. No newsletter in your inbox tomorrow? Send us an email on
  • USC members with a basketball, futsal or indoor hockey membership, as well as those who joined a course in period 3 (except for tennis, yoga, tai chi and slacklining), will receive a newsletter update on 20 or 21 May.

Update 13 May
Starting 18 May, USC will offer an extensive outdoor program: USC Open Air! With an Open Air Membership you can book all workouts in the Open Air program. Keep an eye on our website!

Update 8 May
After dealing with our disappointment, we got going again today. These are the facts. Sports indoors won’t be possible until 1 September. But we can start outdoors on 11 May already. So we’ve been thinking. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Coming Tuesday 12 May or Wednesday 13 May all USC members with a valid (course)membership will receive a newsletter with specific information about their (course)membership. Including information regarding the arrangements for (course)members. Check your mail (including your spam folder)!
  • This Monday 11 May the tennis courses of course period 3 will restart at USC Tennis & Padel. Course members have already been informed. Members with a valid tennis membership can book a court again starting 11 May. Purchasing a tennis membership as well as single court rent will probably be possible again starting 18 May.
  • Starting 18 May, USC will offer an extensive outdoor program. USC Open Air! More info will follow a.s.a.p.

USC reopens. But the doors stay closed. Of course we had hoped to open those doors way sooner. Of course all of our instructors can’t wait to have you back in our studios. But there is some positive news. We’ll be able to see some of our members in real life again very soon. That’s one step in the right direction. Hang in!

Update 7 May
We are taking a day to recover from that massive setback. Tomorrow we will post an update with our plans for the upcoming period!

Update 25 April
The intelligent lockdown continues. At least until 20 May. In the meantime, we will do everything we can to prepare for a smooth reopening. Which sports can we offer in the first phase? How many people can train at the same time? How will we manage this? One of the sports that we see fit for that first phase is fitness. Individually. Maintaining distance. Without guidance. It’s quite an organizational challenge for the USC. And we will need your support, patience and understanding. Now, and when we reopen. Because we won’t be able to all run in at the same time…

In order to manage the crowd in our fitness, we will work with a booking system when we reopen. You might already know it if you ever joined group fitness classes. You’ll need a password to book a timeslot. Don’t have one yet? Make sure to get it via forgot password.

It’s tough. Without you. Stay strong. ❤️

Update 20 April
Getting a little excited? I know we are. Who knows if we are going to reopen soon? Either way, you can expect a fresh newsletter in your inbox on Thursday 23 April or Friday 24 April. Aren’t you receiving that (yet)? Check your spam folder, or subscribe to our newsletter. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to susbcribe. Write you soon!

Update 10 April
While we are hoping to reopen our facilities ASAP, we are mentally preparing for another long period in which we have to miss you guys. In the meantime we’re not just sitting still, and we remain positive as always. We are preparing scenarios in which we reopen our facilities gradually, keeping necessary precautions in mind. We’re offering more and more Stay at home workouts. A lot of handiwork is being done at all USC locations (check it out!). And most importantly: we are thinking about you as a member. That’s why all of our (course) members have received a USC newsletter today. Didn’t get it, but you should have? Please check your spam folder. Can’t find it there either? Mail us:

For now, we’re asking for your patience. With corona. With the world. And with the USC.

Stay strong. ❤️

Update 1 April
The measures to stop the corona virus from spreading have been extended until 28 April. This means USC will be closed at least until then. In the meantime, we are preparing both mentally and logistically for an even longer period of closure… Hang in there!

Update 26 March
We don’t have an answer yet to all your questions about memberships and courses. That’s because a lot is still unclear for us. But, we have decided on the following:

  • All USC members will be included in some sort of arrangement. Whether you play in our futsal competition, joined a yoga course in period 3, or have a year membership to our fitness. Due to the complexity of our organization, with all its courses, different sports and memberships, it isn’t possible to draw up one single arrangement that applies to all. But believe me: we’re working on it!
  • In April, we won’t collect for direct debit memberships.

USC is heading for some tough times. Of course we’ll remain positive, as that is what suits a sports organization. However, we do need your support and your patience. Give us some time to come up with a plan. As soon as we know where we stand regarding our closure, you’ll be hearing from us.

You can always send us an email ( But if your question isn’t super urgent, please consider postponing it. And in the main time, just check our #stayathome (live) workouts.

We miss you guys. A lot.

Update 20 March
With our Stay at Home workouts, USC brings some much needed distraction to your home. It can’t be easy, spending so many hours in a room of just 12m2 (or a little more, if you’re lucky). Anyways: since we all have to stay at home for a while, let’s spend our time as comfortable and useful as possible. And so we’ve asked all our instructors to make Stay at home workouts.

A wish we’ve had for quite some time now, has become reality in just a matter of days: video workouts! Many instructors have already send us some amazing videos. There are some classes on Instagram and YouTube already, and over 40 of you guys just joined the first LIVE #stayathome workout! The live classes are offered – free of charge of course – in the Facebook group USC Groepsfitness to both members as well as non-members.

Check the full offer + schedule for live classes of the Stay at Home workouts. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay fit! ❤️

Update 19 March
Starting today, you can reach USC by phone during the following hours;

  • Sportcentrum Universum (all USC related questions, for all locations) | Monday – Friday between 11.00 and 13.00 on: 020 5258930.
  • USC Tennis (for questions regarding tennis and padel) | Monday – Friday between 11.00 and 13.00 on: 020 5258932.

If you have a (very) urgent question, send an email to our member services:

Want to stay fit while at home? Check our Stay at home workouts! We keep working on more, so you can try a different workout every time. We’re also starting LIVE #stayathome workouts via our Facebook group USC Groepsfitness.

Update 17 March
We understand you might have some questions regarding your membership or course. However, we don’t really have answers to those questions yet. We will inform you as soon as possible. Please be prepared for those answers to take a while, just like most things in our society at this point. For now: stay strong, stay healthy and stay at home!

Update 13 March
All USC locations will be closed per 13 March due to the corona virus. This means there will be no USC sports program at any of our locations as well as external locations until further notice.

HvA and UvA have cancelled all their educational activities until the end of March, just like the other Dutch higher education institutes. NOC*NSF has decided to cancel all (organized) sport in the entire country. Therefore USC has made the decision to close its locations starting today and cancel all sports activities.

Important information for you as USC visitor:

  • We don’t have an answer yet to all questions regarding current memberships as well as courses. We’ll let you know when we know more.
  • The online sale of the 4th course period will not start coming Monday.
  • Any further questions? The front desk at Universum can be contacted from Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00. You can also send an email to our member services.

Update 12 March
After consulting with the UvA, we’ve decided to close all USC locations per Friday 13 March. This means there will be no sports program at any of our locations for now.

Update 12 March
Starting today, we’ll keep you posted on this page. We still follow the UvA advice and measures.

Update 4 March
USC is monitoring the situation concerning the corona virus closely. We’ll stick to UvA and HvA policy when taking any measures. UvA and HvA are  following the instructions of RIVM and GGD. For you as USC visitor, but for anyone really, it’s important to take care of your personal hygiene. In case of any symptoms, contact your general practitioner. You can find the latest information on the UvA website.