USC Challenge #1: Muscle-up

USC Challenge #1: D-day

Right before the corona crisis hit the fan, Carlijn filmed her first USC Challenge, the muscle-up. After 2 months of blisters and constant muscle soreness, 2 March was D-day… Did she make it? Check the video and find out!

USC Challenge #1: one month down…

It’s been a month already since I started this muscle-up challenge full of confidence. We’re already halfway through. I’ve been training 3 to 5 times a week and I’ve seen a lot of progression last month, mostly regarding strength.

Besides building strength, I try to focus more on the technique of the muscle-up now. I’ve been using resistance bands a lot lately. This is not yet going as smooth as I hoped it would, which makes it a little hard to keep believing that I will make it to nailing that muscle-up. I do know that every process has its ups and downs, so I just keep going.

It’s so nice to see that everyone is super invested. Lots of people ask me how I’m doing. This is super motivating, so thanks a lot! And when I notice the progression I’ve made last month, it gives me the strength to keep doing my very best to reach my goal!

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USC Challenge #1: Muscle-up

USC Challenge #1: Muscle-up
Carlijn will do a couple of challenges in 2020. The first: training for a muscle-up in 2 months. It’s gonna be tough! The challenge will run until 2 March, and you can join. How?

  1. Check the kick-off video.
  2. Download the training schedule USC Challenge 1 Muscle-up
  3. Training, training, more training! Do you want more info about exercises/technique? Ask any trainer! Until 2 March you can join training sessions with Art, every Monday 19.00 – 20.00 in the fitness studio at USC Universum. Just use your USC fitness membership!
  4. Share your progress and your results (whether you made it or not) on Instagram, using the hashtag #uscchallenge and tagging @usc_universum.

USC Challenges
In 2020, Carlijn will accept a couple of challenges, starting with a muscle-up. She’ll record her starting level, her process and her final results. Will she make it? Follow her on Instagram, and join the challenge yourself. Having some brilliant ideas about possible next challenges? Let us know!

Who is Carlijn?
We got to know Carlijn as YouTuber for the HvA account, you might have seen her video. She’s a sports fanatic, whether it’s dancing, boxing or fitness. Even her education is all about sports: HvA Sport Studies – Sports, Management and Business. And since she isn’t afraid of a tough challenge, we confinced her to do ours!