UvA Health Week

Great to see that the UvA Health Week has sparked your interest in working out at USC. That makes us very happy! At the moment our doors are closed due to the measures to fight corona. But when we reopen, we’d really like to send you a discount code to purchase a membership or course at USC.

Discount via UvA Health Week

Simply fill out your contact details below, and we’ll contact you when sport centers can open again.

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Membership or course?

You might not really know what the difference is, so let us explain:

  • A course is a 9-week program (mostly, there are also some 4 or 5-week courses) in which you learn (more) about a specific sport. You have a class of this course on a fixed day and time for a couple of weeks long. A yoga course at USC Body & Mind, for example.
  • With a membership you can join all the training sessions / classes or do an individual training of your sport. All memberships are direct debit, and you choose whether you want to be with us for a year or you want to be a bit more flexible and be able to cancel monthly from the start. With a fitness membership, for example, you can do your individual workouts at 4 USC locations and join one of the many group fitness classes like zumba, spinning or pilates.

Terms and conditions

  • You choose between a discount code for either a membership or a course. Check the full sports offer.
  • Membership: You receive a discount code with which you get a 20% discount on the pro rata purchase fee and the consecutive 11 terms of an ongoing annual membership or an ongoing flex membership.
  • Course: You receive a discount code with which you get a 20% discount when purchasing a course.
  • It isn’t possible to purchase a seasonal membership (basketball, futsal, indoor hockey, swimming) or a membership at an external association with the code that you receive.

Corona sports offer at USC

USC Online
Personal training
USC Teams – for youngsters under 27