Yoga for climbers

Up for a summer in which you try something new as a climbing or bouldering enthusiast? Then the summer course ‘Yoga for climbers’ might really be a thing for you! Improve your climbing skills and show that you’re as multidisciplinary as USC.

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Weird combination? No way!

Did you know… Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal was very talented on both the tennis court and football pitch? Very impressive, although tennis and football have quite some similarities – coordination, feeling for the ball, and being quick on your feet.

Besides Nadal, there are plenty of other athletes who excel in multiple sports, with sometimes very creative combinations… And Slovenian professional athlete Primoz Roglic may be the undisputed number one with this cool fusion: ski jumping and cycling! So, climbing and yoga isn’t that weird a combination after all…😉

In fact, while these two sports might be characterized as pretty divergent at first sight, climbing and yoga have actually a bunch of similarities:

  1. focus;
  2. importance of breathing & patience;
  3. and balance between strength & flexibility.

Popular climbing time slots

The yoga exercises are specially developed for (the muscle groups of) climbers: shoulder and hip mobility, strengthening your core, and post-effort relaxation. After all, climbing is also a sport characterized by moments of rest.

The summer course ‘Yoga for climbers’ can be combined with your regular visit to USC, because the yoga classes are planned around some of the popular climbing time slots. So you can immediately hit the wall afterwards, if you’re up for it.

Are you excited about this original summer course? Then make sure to sign up! The course consists of 4 classes of 1 ¼ hour, and the first class will take place on 19 July.

See you at USC!