House rules


If you are making use of the facilities of the USC, you agree with these house rules and fitness house rules (see below).

House rules of the USC

  • Training is my own responsibility. The USC cannot be held liable for injuries, theft, and loss or deprivation of my belongings;
  • I store all my belongings in lockers (or other designated areas) and I am aware that these lockers will be emptied every evening after closing time.
  • I can make use of the lockers for free, but if I lose my key, I will have to pay a €15,00 fee to buy a new one;
  • My sports shoes are clean and don’t leave marks on the sports floors;
  • I enter the mats in the dojo only barefoot or with shoes specifically designed for this purpose;
  • I do not make phone calls in the sports halls;
  • I take good care of my surroundings when taking pictures or videos. I do not take pictures or videos of people without their permission;
  • In the sauna I wear a bathing suit. Underwear or sports clothing is not allowed;
  • If I act offensively or obnoxiously, or if I approach others in an inappropriate way, I will, depending on the situation, get a warning or my membership will be terminated;
  • In case of a calamity, I warn a front desk employee;
  • I keep the accomodation clean and orderly;
  • I report any defects to the property or materials directly to an employee. I accept that I will be charged for damage caused by me.
  • I know the USC makes use of cameras. The images are accessible to the USC. This is in the interest of my own and others’ safety;
  • In case I break the house rules, I know I can be requested to leave the building by the staff of the USC;
  • I know the USC will report legal offenses to the police;
  • I can hand in or pick up lost and found objects at the sports desk. If objects are not collected within three weeks, the USC will donate them to charity;
  • I do not eat in the sports accomodation, with the exception of the restaurant/café;
  • I only drink from closable cups such as plastic bottles;
  • For promotional activities within the sports accomodation, such as distributing leaflets or putting up posters, I ask permission via;
  • I follow the instructions of the USC staff at all times;
  • I can not bring pets into the sports accomodation, except for guide dogs;
  • In circumstances where these rules do not apply, management decides.

Fitness house rules of the USC

  • I always follow the instructions given by the present instructor;
  • For reasons of hygiene, I always use a towel during my excercise;
  • I will not bring any jackets, bags etc. into the sports areas;
  • After use, I make sure all materials are left clean and orderly;
  • I know how to use materials in the fitness and I use them in a proper way;
  • Whenever I am not making use of any sports materials, someone else can make use of them;
  • I replace weights such as discs, dumbbells and kettlebells in their racks after use. I do not leave any weights on the fitness machines or on the floor;
  • I make use of materials in an appropriate way;
  • I use the foam roll and massage balls only in the abdomen area;
  • I can take my shoes off in the abdomen area, but I keep my socks on;
  • I aware that only USC fitness instructors control musical equipment and televisions;
  • I make use of magnesium exclusively on the weight lifting floor;
  • Whenever I make use of barbells, I use barbell collars.