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Tennis – free play

Rent a court? Play regularly with a membership? Check the possibilities at USC Tennis & Padel in Amsterdam.


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    Tennis at USC

    There are 8 tennis courts of which 4 are covered all year through.
    Rent a court or get a membership.
    No experience or do you want to improve your skills? Join a tennis course at your level!
    Corona proof: mandatory reservations and additional house rules.
    With your tennis membership you can also use the padel courts. Check padel!

    Which membership do you choose?

    a little more expensive but a lot more flexible, this membership can be canceled monthly from scratch.

    you’re stuck with us for a year, after which you can cancel your membership monthly. 

    – rent a single court and enjoy playing.

    TENNIS COURSES (check them here)
    9 classes of tennis at your level.

    Booking a court

    • You need a reservation for every visit to USC Tennis & Padel.
    • You can make a maximum of 2 tennis reservations per person in the consecutive 6 days.
    • Max. 1 reservation per day per couple/double. Please don’t book two joint timeslots on different names.
    • If the court is available after your timeslot, you can continue playing.
    • 4 players on a court are allowed and 1,5 meter distance isn’t mandatory anymore while playing doubles.
    • You can rent a racket again and balls are for sale at our location’s front desk. PLEASE NOTE: only during our front desk’s opening hours!
    • The dressing rooms are open again.
    • The amount of available courts that can be reserved for free play depends on the period of the year and the activities and competitions organized by our student friends from Chip & Charge (all weekends in April to May).
    • Read all additional house rules thoroughly before coming to the tennis park! We can only keep things safe together.

    Single court rent

    • Reservations are possible for timeslots from Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 21.00 and on the weekends from 09.00 – 16.00. Otherwise you’ll stand in front of a closed door, unfortunately.
    • In the summer, the opening hours are a little bit different. Make sure to check our summer opening hours!
    • Book your court in the timetable above. You can only make a reservation online.

    Book with membership

    • You can make a reservation for timeslots from Mon. – Sun. between 07.00 and 23.00.
    • PLEASE NOTE: do you want to play with an introduce? Buy an introduce ticket online on the date you’re going to play. Then you can let the introduce in with your own finger scan/app. Please note: make sure you let the introduce in first, otherwise you’ll be inside while your introduce will still be outside.
    • Book your court in the timetable above. You can only make a reservation online.

    Cancel your booking

    Booked a court, but can’t make it? Please cancel in advance!

    • When you cancel within 24 hours, there will be no refund for the court rent, introduce tickets and/or rented material.
    • In case of unplayable courts due to rain/slipperiness, you can change your reservation to another moment free of costs. Send an email to tennisenpadel@uscsport.nl.

    Cancel your court

    A.S.T.P.V. Chip & Charge

    Chip & Charge is the student association for tennis and padel in Amsterdam. Check their website.

    Tennis courses

    Never played tennis? Or do you want to improve your skills? Join a tennis course at USC Tennis & Padel at your level: beginners – level 5.

    Check our tennis courses!



    Category I € 20,-

    Category II € 28,-

    Category III € 37,-

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    Category I € 15,-

    Category II € 22,-

    Category III € 29,-

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    Tennis court uncovered

    Category I € 25,-

    Category II € 25,-

    Category III € 25,-

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    Tennis court covered

    Category I € 28,-

    Category II € 28,-

    Category III € 28,-

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    Tennis Introduction

    Category I € 8,-

    Category II € 8,-

    Category III € 8,-

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    You can rent a single court, without a membership. Just use the timetable on this page. Want a membership? Choose a membership above.

    At the moment you can only purchase a membership, single court or introduce ticket online.

    First payment: pro rata
    When purchasing a tennis+padel year or flex membership, you’ll pay a pro rata amount.

    Direct debit
    Subsequently, in the first week of every month, a term will be collected by direct debit.

    Canceling your tennis+padel flex is simple
    Send an e-mail to usc@uscsport.nl, or cancel your membership in My USC. Your membership will expire on the last day of that month.

    Additional terms and conditions
    Check the additional terms and conditions for all info!

    Single court rent (per hour)
    Covered € 28,- | Outdoor € 25,-

    € 8,- for all categories

    Opening hours USC Tennis & Padel
    – with membership: Mon-Sun 07.00 – 24.00
    – single court rent/with introduce: Mon-Fri 09.00 – 21.00, Sat+Sun 09.00 – 16.00
    – in the summer, the opening hours are a bit different. Check our summer opening hours!

    Front desk
    – check the summer opening hours of the front desk


    USC Tennis & Padel
    Radioweg 80
    1098 NJ Amsterdam
    (020) 525 89 32

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    Categories shortened for full categories

    Cat. IStudents UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
    Cat. IIEmployees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
    Cat. IIIAnyone else