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Krav maga

Krav maga is an Israeli self defence system: effective and easy to learn. For Krav maga USC cooperates with Protect Invest.


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Krav maga at USC

You can do krav maga at Universum, with your martial arts membership.
For cat. I & II students only.
There are training sessions at different levels.
With your martial arts membership you can also join the training sessions of all other martial arts.
Corona proof: mandatory reservations and additional house rules.

Which membership do you choose?

MARTIAL ARTS YEAR (buy it here)
you’re stuck with us for a year, after which you can cancel your membership monthly.

MARTIAL ARTS FLEX (buy it here)
a little more expensive but a lot more flexible, this membership can be canceled monthly from scratch.

15x ENTRY (buy it here)
15x entry to a sport in the passe-partout, to be used within 6 months.

Making a reservation

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You can participate in official exams. Membership of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) is required. The exams will be given by Mario and top instructors from Israel.


The classes are provided by Protect Invest. Main instructor at Protect Invest is Mario Schouten, who works with the Utrecht police in his daily life. Natasja Schouten will be instructing as well.

More info

For more information, please visit www.protectinvest.nl or mail to info@protectinvest.nl


Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! Krav maga* is part of the passe-partout.

* cat. I & II students only

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Preferably online. Try to avoid queues at our front desks!

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You can purchase the martial arts membership on this martial arts page.

15x entry / passe-partout
You can purchase a 15x entry or passe-partout membership on this passe-partout page.


Sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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