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Yoga at ClubWest

With a yoga membership you can join all yoga classes in the Body & Mind studio at ClubWest.


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Yoga at ClubWest

Yoga at ClubWest is very cheap for students in Amsterdam.
With a yoga membership you join all yoga classes at ClubWest.
With a yoga+fitness membership you can also work out in our gyms.
Corona proof: mandatory reservations and additional house rules.

Which membership do you choose?

 you’re stuck with us for a year, after which you can cancel your membership monthly. 

a little more expensive but a lot more flexible, this membership can be canceled monthly from scratch.

15x entry to a sport in the passe-partout, to be used within 6 months.

Making a reservation

  • You need a reservation for every visit to USC.
  • Make a reservation for a yoga class in the timetable above.
  • Book your fitness timeslot on the fitness page.
  • Book your group fitness class on the group fitness page.
  • Read all reservation and house rules thoroughly before coming to USC! We can only keep things safe together.

Cancel your booking

Booked a timeslot, but can’t make it? Please cancel in advance!
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Our yoga locations: take a look inside

Yoga at USC Body & Mind East

At our yoga location in Amsterdam Oost we offer 9 week yoga courses in different styles.

Yoga basic in the fitness program

At ClubWest we have an extensive yoga program, with numerous styles of yoga. Do you work out at ASC, Universum or Amstelcampus? Your yoga option is to join the yoga basic classes which you can do with a regular fitness membership!

The various yoga styles at ClubWest

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is about discovering and developing your life’s strength (prana), physically, spiritually and emotionally. Ashtanga yoga is an intense form of yoga where asanas (yoga postures) are continously connected in an energetic flow.

Physical √√√√
Mental √√√
Pace √√√√√

Critical alignment yoga

Critical alignment is a modern method, developed by Gert van Leeuwen. With the help of several ‘tools’ we help you align your body. Joints and vertebrae become more mobile, muscles more powerful, the mind more free.

Mental √√
Pace √√√

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the basis of all physical forms of yoga.  The postures (asanas) will be experienced one by one, alternating between effort and relaxation. The mental component is as important as the physical posture and breathing. You will learn to do thing with acceptance and patience, without pressure.

Physical √√√
Mental √√√
Pace √√

Restorative yoga

In this class props, like blocks and bolsters, will be used to support you in the postures. The intention of this class is to give the nervous system deep rest and to trigger the self healing system in your body. You hold the poses for 5 to 20 minutes. In the poses you are not aiming to stretch or strengthen the body, but you are looking for effortlessness and deep relaxation for body and mind.

Physical √
Mental √√√√√

Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga is a physically challenging form of yoga, in which static body postures are fluently alternated on the rhythm of your respiration. It similar to Ashtanga yoga, but there is less emphasis on the spiritual component and there is no fixed sequence of postures.

Physical √√√√√
Mental √√
Pace √√√√√

Yin yang yoga

In this form of yoga dynamical postures (Yang) are alternated with static postures (Yin). The Yang part of this yoga form focuses on the strength and flexibility of your muscles; the Yin part more on the connective tissue of joints and your organs.

Physical √√√√
Mental √√√
Pace √√√

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is the counterpart of Asthanga and Vinyasa yoga. With Yin yoga everything happens slowly and calmly, with time for your body and you feeling ‘in the moment’. Most postures are in seated or lying position, and will be held for 3 to 5 minutes. This affects your tissue, the more rigid area of your muscles and tendons around your joints.

Physical √√√
Mental √√√√√
Pace √

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Preferably online. Try to avoid queues at our front desks!

First payment: pro rata
When purchasing a yoga (+fitness) year or flex membership, you’ll pay a pro rata amount.

Direct debit
Subsequently, in the first week of every month, a term will be collected by direct debit.

Canceling is simple
Send an e-mail to usc@uscsport.nl, or cancel your membership in My USC. Your membership will expire on the last day of that month.

Additional terms and conditions
Check the additional terms and conditions for all info!

15x entry
Purchase your 15x entry on this passe-partout page.

1x entry
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